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Crowdfund Your Care

Funding your medical expenses with HEALfundr is secure and reliable, as we make sure your goal covers the entire cost of your care and site fees as well as optional Medical Bill Mediation to lower the total needed to fund your care. Shareable on social networks, you can reach family, friends, and beyond with your campaign.

Donate to Someone's Health

Donating to crowdfunding campaigns has never been more secure. HEALfundr verifies 100% of our campaigns and arranges direct payments to service providers, relieving the stress of paying for bills for the patient and giving donors confidence that their money is going to the right place.

The Power to Heal

Whether you’re funding your own care or donating to a campaign, we put the power to heal in your hands. Donors have the option of donating directly to an individual campaign, or designating funds to be split between campaigns supporting a specific diagnosis or patients living in a particular area.

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You guys are truly amazing! What a fantastic idea you've had. Your site has totally helped me more than once when I've been in quite a bind, and I have Cystic Fibrosis -- so I have a lot to deal with. I have (and continue to!) recommended you to several friends who need help obtaining their meds. Thanks so much! I'll pray you continue to get funding so that you can keep helping more and more people. - Amy H.

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