What is HEALfundr?

HEALfundr is more than your average crowdfunding platform. Our vision of crowdfunding medical needs is unique and, as we see it, the next logical step in the process.

HEALfundr is owned and operated by NeedyMeds, a 501(c)(3) non-profit information resource devoted to helping people in need of assistance of affording their medications and costs to health care. With over 16 years of connecting people with patient assistance programs, Medical Bill Mediation, and discounts on prescriptions, we have started HEALfundr with the mission of giving you the power to heal.

HEALfundr's vision is one of secure, 100% verified campaigns where funds are paid directly to legitimate medical expenses. This implementation grants the campaigner relief from managing their medical bills and gives the donor the confidence that their donation is going to where it should. Beyond securing the payment process for campaigners, HEALfundr is able to negotiate the total cost of care with Medical Bill Mediation. Funds exceeding the goal will be distributed as designated by the donor:

  1. Giving the campaigner cash for other expenses
  2. A pro-rated refund to the donor
  3. Donating the money to another campaign
  4. Instructing NeedyMeds to give the money to other campaigns supporting specified medical conditions or patients in a specific state
  5. Donating the money to NeedyMeds

We have started HEALfundr with the hope of helping people and positively impacting those in need of financial assistance to cover medical expenses. Generosity is its own reward. Whether you are funding your own care or donating to someone’s health, the power to heal lies within you.

I cannot say thank you enough for what you have done. This has been a financially difficult month. I have already gone nearly 7 days without one of my prescriptions when I called the pharmacy. They told me about needymeds.com and thankfully I can go pick up my prescription tonight. Thank you all so very much and bless all of you for your hard work. - Rachel M.

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