HEALfundr and Crowdfunding Frequently Asked Questions

How does online fundraising or ‘crowdfunding’ work?

Crowdfunding is a tool that makes your fundraising easier. By creating a customized online fundraising page, you eliminate a lot of the nuisances of traditional fundraising. Mass mailing, solicitation calls, and donation boxes can be costly, wasteful, time consuming, and intrusive. But online fundraising is essentially free and allows your donors to support you on their time.

Why wouldn't I just use my own 'donate button'?

A ‘Donate’ button could be compared to a cash register without a storefront. Payment services alone won’t give you and your donors an engaging destination that’s engineered for results.

How much does crowdfunding cost?

Many crowdfunding sites claim to be “Free” but charge a processing fee to received donations, typically between 4-10%. NeedyMeds is a non-profit with low overhead. We are not driven to make a profit. Our current fee schedule is on 5% of the first $20,000; 3% on the next $30,000; and 1% of all additional funds. Any third-parties (eg, Authorize.net, credit card processors, etc.) also charge a processing fee.

Who can use HEALfundr for crowdfunding?

Anyone with health-related expenses is eligible to use our service. We review all potential campaigns before they are made public to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.

Does HEALfundr help with fundraising for an organization or project?

Yes. You can use our services to raise money for any health-related project. Examples include funding an event such as a charity golf tournament for a medically-related group, raising money to buy medical equipment for a volunteer fire department, or helping to fund medical research.

What information should I include on my fundraiser page?

Fundraisers should explain who and what you're raising money for, how the funds will be distributed, information about you or those benefitting/receiving care from the campaign. It is important to remember that fundraising online does not remove the personal element of raising money for a loved one. You still have to share your story, find and inspire supporters, and demonstrate why this fundraiser is important to you. Some platforms/campaigns offer rewards for different donation levels; rewards can be anything from a personal thank you on a website to a gift card or a home-cooked meal.

Are campaigns verified?

Most crowdfunding sites do not seek out fraudulent campaigns or accounts. HEALfundr DOES verify the legitimacy of the campaign and submitted bills.

Why use HEALfundr instead of a different site?

Other crowdfunding platforms have little to no means of verification to ensure that your money is being used as promised. HEALfundr also strives to do something no other crowdfunding site offers: Medical Bill Mediation. With our existing connections to the health care community we can help reduce the cost of your overall medical bills and therefore the amount needed to be raised through crowdfunding, increasing the likelihood of achieving your goal. We also use our knowledge of existing programs that may offer assistance.

How do I start using HEALfundr?

Potential participants of HEALfundr must verify their medical and financial need before being accepted. Patients will submit information on income, insurance status, as well as documentation supporting the asserted diagnosis.

How do I donate/accept donations?

Donations are made directly to NeedyMeds, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations can be made via the campaign page or checks can be mailed to NeedyMeds. Donations can be made to a specified campaign, based on diagnosis or other conditions, or for those in need in a specified area. Funds are deposited into campaign accounts or distributed accordingly by NeedyMeds.

Are there any fees? How much does HEALfundr cost?

NeedyMeds will not bill the program participant for any services provided by this program. HEALfundr charges a sliding administrative fee to donations:

  • 5% of the first $20,000
  • 3% of the next $30,000
  • 1% of all additional money collected
  • Fees for medical mediation services if bills are reduced

Authorize.net deducts a credit card processing fee for online donations. There will be no charge for processing mailed checks. All fees are taken from money raised. In no case will the campaigners ever pay for any services out of pocket.

How can I get the money donated to my fundraiser?

HEALfundr will pay legitimate medical expenses directly to the service provider. Unused funds will be distributed as designated by the donor:

  1. Giving the patient cash for other expenses
  2. A pro-rated refund to the donor
  3. Giving the money to another campaign
  4. Instructing NeedyMeds to give the money to other campaigns with specified medical conditions or in a specific state
  5. Donating the money to NeedyMeds

Is there fraud protection? How are campaigns verified?

All potential campaigners will be required to submit medical documentation (i.e., letter from treating physician, hospital discharge summary) and a release form permitting members of our medical verification team to speak to the health care providers. All medical bills in need of payment will be submitted to NeedyMeds and paid directly to the service providers after verification and mediation.

Who can use HEALfundr?

Anyone with a legitimate medical need or any group raising funds for a medically-related reason. All campaigns are subject to approval or rejection by NeedyMeds.

How secure is my credit card/bank/financial/private information?

HEALfundr uses Authorize.net, trusted by millions, for credit card processing. We also use industry standard SSL to keep your information safe.

Can someone outside the United State raise funds?

No. HEALfundr serves only patients in the United States.

You guys are truly amazing! What a fantastic idea you've had. Your site has totally helped me more than once when I've been in quite a bind, and I have Cystic Fibrosis -- so I have a lot to deal with. I have (and continue to!) recommended you to several friends who need help obtaining their meds. Thanks so much! I'll pray you continue to get funding so that you can keep helping more and more people. - Amy H.

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