HEALfundr Guidelines and Eligibility

HEALfundr is a funding platform for legitimate medical causes. Individuals can raise funds for a specified beneficiary's medical bills. Beneficiaries will provide HEALfundr with copies of medical bills to be paid directly with crowd-raised funds. Campaigners must be over 18, or if under 18, have received parental consent and are acting under parental supervision. Campaigners may not be under 13 years of age. There are no age restrictions for campaign beneficiaries. Campaigners and beneficiaries must be residents of the United States and its territories. There are no restrictions on insurance or income status.

Non-profits can also raise funds using HEALfundr for projects supporting a community suffering from a medical condition within the United States. Medical facilities and research teams can also raise funds for needed medical equipment or other related costs.

HEALfundr is in its early stages. Our mission is to help as many people as possible; if you think HEALfundr could be of assistance, apply for a campaign. If your campaign is to the legitimate benefit of a patient or medical community in need, we will do all we can to help.

This is an extremely helpful site for ANYONE in need! Pass the info along! Somebody will be thankful you did! - Karen

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