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Project Ended 01/31/2017


Corrin Biggs vs Lupus SLE/kidney disease

 I need help to pay my medicines every month and doctor visits along with all the lab work that is done to be sure I stay healthy enough to function daily. All medicines keep the LUPUS autoimmune disease from attacking my brain, heart and lungs. In,addition to keeping my kidneywith the medicine they need to function. 

I currently have no insurance. I used to have medicaid when I lived with my mom in Kentucky. I live in Mason, OH now where I am going to school to become a Medical Labortory Technician so I can maybe help in Lupus research someday at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to find a cure for this terrible and mysterious disease. 

I do work and I love what I do. I am a server for banquetts and weddings at reception hall near where I live. I happen to make a little too much to qualify for medicaid, my employer doesn't have insurance for servers and the Affordable Care Act I would have to pay way more than I can afford for the HIGH level of care I need to receive. 

That is what brings me to healfundr in hopes I can get some help with my already mounting bill at Cincinatti Childrens Hospital. They give me great care, I love my doctor and the staff. My mom doesn't make much money as she tries to pay $25 per month(and is on medicaid herself she has Hashimoto hypothyroiditis) but that is not enough for the hospital now. They need more money so I can still get my medicines that I can't get anywhere else. 

I am asking for help with my medical bills. Anything you can help with would be a blessing. 

Thank you for listening to my personal story



Category: Autoimmune - Lupus

This program has helped me so much as I don't have health insurance and have a few medical issues. A blessing for sure!! - Veronica H.

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