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Project Ended 08/04/2019


RXVIP Concierge Pharmacogenetic Testing

As a student pharmacist at University at Buffalo, I am part of a program called RXVIPCares. This is an innovative network of pharmacists, whose goal is to to deliver personalized medication medication to help improve patient oucomes. This also includes helping doctor of pharmacy candidates reduce their student debt while advocating that Pharmacists should be recognized as Health Care Providers. Our company RXVIP Concierge has partnered with MedXPrime to help raise awareness that a simple buccal swab test can save lives by reducing the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) that killed over 125,000 people last year, plus put over two million others into the hospital. RXVIP and MedXPrime will provide certification to PharmD candidates from St.Johns and all other accredited Colleges of Pharmacy nationwide, so that money can be allocated to those students to pay off their student debt. RXVIPCares Pharmacogenic Certification, which costs $199, will allow students to work with physicians to help introduce and facilitate these PGx tests costs. In addition to the certification, students will be provided with ongoing educational resources, clinical studies, plus continuing education in this evolving technology that every Pharmacist should be involved in. As the medication experts in health care, these materials will allow the student to enhance their role as a Provider at a minimal cost of $19.99 per month, which they can discontinue at anytime.
Your donation will go towards the certification costs and/or the monthly charges for continuing education as these students learn how to administer these PGx tests, which simply put.....Save Lives. RXVIPCares is asking Pharmacists, PharmDs, Educators and Family & Friends, to help sponsor at least one student with whatever you can give from your heart. Perhaps you or someone in your family has suffered an Adverse Drug Reaction, as this unnecessary evil of dispensing medication can be avoided with this test. Your help will allow the next generation of PharmD candidates to help reduce the enormous financial burden then have when they graduate, plus advance their career as valued members of the health care continuum. Thank You For Caring.


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I am SO glad you guys exist! It looks like I will be in need of your services again. Thank you! - Deedra K.

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