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Project Ended 08/31/2020


Kimberly Wells

I'm looking for help to get Osteopathic laser treatment. I have had bad experiences with medications and surgeries in the past. I've had tendinitis and nerve damage in my arm for the past five years. I've literally tried every form of treatment for this condition, with no relief. Physical therapy, ultrasound, corticosteroid shots, braces, and resting my arm haven't helped. I thought the only option left was surgery, but I just started college and can't miss school. I'm also in pain daily and don't want to take medications to try and mask the pain, which is only a temporary solution. I finally found an osteopathic laser treatment that has given me some relief in just two sessions. I was amazed at how much better my arm felt. Please help me to get the treatment I need so I can continue my schooling and graduate without interruption, or I will lose my financial aid. I need use of my arm in every aspect of my life. Please help me to heal and eventually start my new career. Thank you for you help.

Osteopathic Laser Treatment

I've suffered from many medical ailments the past 9 years. Following a horrible car accident which broke my spine and tore multiple organs. I was on a plury of medications, that in turn, ended up hurting me worse. I found the strength inside myself one day to say "Enough is enough!" I had my pain pump removed and quit taking all the other medications. My physical and mental state have improved immensely since then. So much, that I'm now returning to college, while I work on regaining  my strength. One thing I need to do still, is to get Osteopathic Laser Treatment on my right elbow because of nerve damage and tendinitis. I have tried all other forms of treatment available, and do not want to under go another operation. The Physician will perform 30 sessions of spinal decompression therapy, 30 Class IV Deep tissue therapies on my spine and arm, and vibracussor deep tissue therapy. The treatment cost will total  $3,997.60. I had to cancel my insurance policy because I can no longer afford it. Im trying as hard as  a person possibly can to become self sufficient again and start a new career. I have been blessed  with a second shot at life and aprreciate every  minute of it. Thank you.



Category: Injuries - Injury Requiring Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, or Surgery

This is a very helpful website for anyone who takes medicine...it can help you save $$$ on your prescription costs. I work in a pharmacy and try to tell everyone to use this information. - Lisa B.

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