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Project Ended 12/01/2019


Edward Dale Pope

I am disabled since having both legs amputated in 2010. I have also suffered heart attack with open heart surgery and several strokes resulting in memory impairment that makes working outside the home impossible. I am needing replacement prosthetic limbs and my health insurance has a 20% coinsurance which I cannot afford. The prosthetic limbs I have now are no longer fitting well and are causing sores to my stumps. The last 10 years have been difficult and my wife works hard while I do what I can at home but we are struggling with all the medical bills and having only one income. My estimated out of pocket for the prosthetic limbs is $3898.00. Any assistance would be a huge benefit to myself and my family.

New legs needed

I have been disabled since 2010 after bilateral limb amputation. My family and I have struggled with keeping afloat due to the high cost of living, multiple medical bills and expenses and having only one income. My current prosthetic limbs have been in use for 3 years and no longer fit due to weight loss after open heart surgery. The prosthetics are ill fitting and are making sores on my stumps that frequently prevent me from using them. We have health insurance, but cannot afford the $3,500 co-insurance needed before receiving the new prosthetic limbs. 


Category: Disability - Physical/Mobility

Thanks for all the info and assistance. What a wonderful network you have. - Kay M.

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