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Thirty years ago, at the age of 25, I was broadsided by a distracted driver who ran a yield sign at full speed. I sustained multiple trauma, resulting in devastating, life-changing, permanently disabling injuries. I had no previous medical history. I was college educated, a corporate financial administrator, and very much enjoyed my lifestyle as a competitive bodybuilder and athlete. I was also on two waiting lists to become a police officer, after passing both exams.

            My injuries included a severe concussion resulting in ten years of seizures and the loss of about two-thirds of my hearing; more importantly, I have three jammed vertebrae in my neck and three more in my lower back, plus a dislocated right hip (that was never diagnosed or treated), the result is chronic nerve pain (inflammation) in my head, face, neck, and jaw (also known as fifth cranial facial nerve inflammation) plus my shoulder, lower back, and hip. I can no longer chew. Some pain episodes can last three to five days (and nights) straight; one recently lasted eight days and seven nights—a new record—and evidence of its progression. At least a third of the episodes are accompanied by severe nausea. I was warned by doctors early on about the danger of attempting to carry a child—that it would cause additional irreversible damage to my already misaligned and compressed lower spine; now I can see why, but I never dreamed it would deteriorate this much on its own.

            My car insurance refused to acknowledge, diagnose, or treat any of my injuries citing that they decided that I had no injuries, and if I did, they existed before the accident. I was cut off of all coverage (a breach of contract) and dumped into the welfare system, where I remain today, along with so many other victims of insurance company fraud and bad faith.

            My symptoms have deteriorated terribly over the years, and my future seems to be a very scary prospect unless something is done. I exercise regularly, however, I am unwilling and unable to use narcotics.

            I require a total sum of $15,000 (fifteen thousand), for a procedure called regenokine which will effectively stop the progression of the inflammation, and in most cases, greatly reduce the varying degrees of pain. The procedure has a very high degree of success and has no side effects.

            I live exclusively on my social security disability check of less than $1000 per month; I am single and have no family. This is the only way for me to seek assistance. Regenokine is the only medical option for me, yet no insurance covers it.

            I intend to start paying toward this sum myself, no matter how long it takes; unfortunately, the doctor requires prepayment, so at this point all I am doing is buying time as the condition continues to worsen. But I will succeed.

Please note that all funds that exceed my goal will be promptly returned to the funding source, unless otherwise directed.

I received a life sentence for a crime I did not commit. I know that this treatment will help me commute much of that sentence. I would like to thank you in advance for any consideration you may offer. Make it a great day!


Category: Injuries - Spinal injury

Needy Meds is a wonderful site for people that have no RX coverage...a blessing from God for many. - Bob W.

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