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Have you heard the saying “What you don’t know may hurt you?” In the world of ever changing medical insurance benefits, this could be the case for you if you don’t have the right information. Luckily, for citizens in southwest Georgia, there is now a place where you can get some of those questions answered, and most of the time, do it from the comfort of your own home. The Senior Resource Centers of Georgia, Inc. (SRC) a Georgia registered non-profit looks to provide help to individuals receiving Medicare, about to go on Medicare, and mainly anyone in its 26 county region who are encountering high prescription drug costs. “There have been a lot of changes in health insurance over the past few years, that have affected a lot of people in our area,” SRC Executive Director Brian Ramey said. “The largest impact on healthcare was coverage of prescription medication, especially those on Part D Medicare Plans and those people need a place they can go to get some help and answers to questions they may have.” Along with becoming a place for people who are on Medicare or aging into Medicare to go to get their questions answered, the SRC also offers a Prescription Drug Assistance Plan, which is open to anyone in the area, regardless if they are on any private insurance, an opportunity to lower their prescription drug costs. “Our prescription drug assistance program has already helped people see savings,” Ramey said. “We have seen a lot of people, especially in the more rural parts of our area come in with $500 a month prescription drug bills and we are able to get them help, and get their costs down to something they can manage.” Based in their offices on Philema Road, the SRC is not content just staying put. The organization holds meetings throughout their 26 county region to bring information to the people. “We go all over this region,” Ramey said. “Like a spoke on a wheel we travel from our base here in Albany to cities that would benefit from our programs. A lot of the times it’s these folks who aren’t getting the necessary information, whether it be because of where they live, or they simply can’t afford an unnecessary trip. It’s these folks that we are trying to reach.”

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